[GUIDE] How to pot your sample packets!

Ever think of buying a product that you're lusting after only to be taken back by the price? Or you feel like giving a product an extended trial run but the full size will take you forever to use up? The best solution is to buy samples in bulk! Most of the time the price per gram for the product is substantially cheaper, but these samples might not come in the most user-friendly packaging. Follow my guide to pot all those samples!


If you don't have a small spatula, you can use a q-tip with the cotton bud removed!

1. Soak a tissue or cotton bud throughly with alcohol.

2.  Use the your soaked tissue/cotton to disinfect all tools before you begin.

3. Without squeezing the inside of the sample packet itself, cut around the entire package, ensuring that the entire packet is cut open while cutting as close to the edge as possible.

Why can't we press/squeeze against the middle of the package?
The way the machines fill up these sachets in production, the product is shot in the pouch. We try not to disturb the inside of the pouch as much as possible so we can slide and scrape as much product out without it sticking inside the walls of the pouch.

4. Find a "safe", product-free corner of your cutout and pull them apart.

5. Direct the product that slides out initially into your container.

6. Scrape off any remaining product using your spatula, ensuring that your fingers does not touch the product.

7. ???  (rinse and repeat until you are done processing all your samples)

8. Profit!

For this guide, I used samples of Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (pink jar).
I've also used this same method to pot Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm Primer (white jar)!
Best place to find bulk samples like this is using eBay, RoseRoseShopCosmetic-Love or BeautyNetKorea.

For containers, It's very easy yo buy a variety of them from eBay, aliexpress, local dollar shops, Daiso, Muji, and any other beauty supply-type shops.

If you wanted to know exactly where I got my stuff, the spatula is from Muji as part of a 3 piece cosmetics depotting set! Both jars you see below are also brought from Muji, and decorated with washi tape~

The gudetama crew.

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