[Review] Missha Signature Super Light Oil Foundation [W23]

I swear I'm not dead. School got in the way but hey, new foundation! (and calligraphy pens squee!)

[GUIDE] How to pot your sample packets!

Ever think of buying a product that you're lusting after only to be taken back by the price? Or you feel like giving a product an extended trial run but the full size will take you forever to use up? The best solution is to buy samples in bulk! Most of the time the price per gram for the product is substantially cheaper, but these samples might not come in the most user-friendly packaging. Follow my guide to pot all those samples!

[Review] The Itchy Sweater of Sheet Masks AKA TonyMoly Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Mask Sheet

You have been warned.

[Review] TonyMoly BCDation Water Pact (SPF50+ PA+++) #02 Beige

Celebratory Danbo cuteness~

Whoohoo! Welcome to Berry Terrarium's first post! This blog is my small way of giving back to the beauty community~ 

This pact hasn't had many english reviews (as far as my google-fu shows me) so hopefully this post can introduce you to a new product! I've liked Tony Moly's BCDation line before because the colour of their BB was more warm-toned and fitting to me, unlike the super-grey cast other BB creams - I'm looking at you Skin70 VIP Gold... (ﺧ益ﺨ)