[Review] The Itchy Sweater of Sheet Masks AKA TonyMoly Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Mask Sheet

You have been warned.

[Review] TonyMoly BCDation Water Pact (SPF50+ PA+++) #02 Beige

Celebratory Danbo cuteness~

Whoohoo! Welcome to Berry Terrarium's first post! This blog is my small way of giving back to the beauty community~ 

This pact hasn't had many english reviews (as far as my google-fu shows me) so hopefully this post can introduce you to a new product! I've liked Tony Moly's BCDation line before because the colour of their BB was more warm-toned and fitting to me, unlike the super-grey cast other BB creams - I'm looking at you Skin70 VIP Gold... (ﺧ益ﺨ)